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Senior Digital Designer

  • Creative Director
  • Coffee Addicted
  • User Interface Designer
  • Digital Project Manager
  • eCommerce Expert
  • Bicycle rider
  • User Exeperience Designer
  • :)
  • Web Designer
  • Graphic Designer

I'm a 30 years old Italian Digital Designer and Developer, born and raised in Southern Italy. Specialized in Web Design, E-commerce, Brand Identity and Coffee making, I'm currently based in Milan and work as a Senior Digital Designer and Project Manager for Philipp Plein Group, a Luxury Fashion company based in Lugano, Switzerland. I have a strong Creative mind, aided by my Web Developer skills. My hobbies are cycling, disassembling things, and trying to reassemble them correctly. My dream would be to live in front of the sea, the reality is that I'm living in Caserta Barcelona Milan.
Senior Digital Designer and P.M.
Philipp Plein
01/2015 - Actual • Lugano SWITZERLAND

I work in Philipp Plein since January 2015. I manage the Ui/Ux and online digital contents, DEM, landing pages & special pages design + development and interactive projects for the retail. I take care of the evolutionary activities and future development for the e-commerce by interfacing with our partners as Project Manager.
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UI/UX Designer
Volata Cycles
10/2013 - 12/2014 • Milan ITALY

Volata is the first bicycle that doesn’t need any added accessories. Bike computer, lights, anti-theft, and safety features — they’re all already there. It’s fast, safe and maintenance-free. For Volata Cylces I designed the User Interface and the User Experience of the website and part of the bicycle computer UI/UX.
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Creative Director + UI/UX Designer
I Transport it
10/2013 - 12/2014 • Milan ITALY

I Transport it was a startup born to compensate for the lack of a package delivery company that matched the nowdays necessities of the sharing economy. I, as Creative Director, designed the User Interface and the User Experience of the iOS app and the Web App.
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UI/UX Designer
06/2015 • Milan ITALY

NOM is the acronym of "No Ordinary Meal", a food delivery company based in Milan. I designed the Graphic User Interface and User Experience of the website. Project made in collaboration with Binario srl.
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Creative Direction + UI/UX Designer
03/2015 - 06/2015 • Milan ITALY

Hangound is a iOS and Android app useful to meet new friends and partecipate every day to activities you like with one click. I was in charged of the Creative Direction of the project, and I designed the Graphic User Interface and User Experience of the app. Working closely to the developer I delivered all the material needed for the apps development.
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UI/UX Designer
05/2015 • Milan ITALY

Combining over thirty years of technical expertise and typically Italian taste, for over 15 years ADD has been ensuring excellence and authenticity. Today the brand has become a synonym of elegance and luxury, elements that are presented with a minimalist and contemporary style. I designed the Graphic User Interface and User Experience for the new e-commerce website. Project made in collaboration with Binario srl.
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UI/UX Designer
The Dubai Mall
02/2015 - 03/2015 • Milan ITALY

I partecipated to the tender to redesign the new website graphic proposal for "The Dubai Mall". I designed different proposals for the home page and different internal pages and the responsive variant for mobile devices. Project made in collaboration with Binario srl.
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Ux/Ui Designer + Branding
07/2012 - 09/2012 • Barcelona SPAIN

Optichic, glasses stores brand based in Spain, was looking for a restyling of its brand identity and launching an e-commerce. I designed the graphic user interface of the platform based on Magento and the restyling of the brand identity. I also took part on the online business development, designing the user experience and marketing actions.
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Creative Director + Digital Designer
Fashion Pills
04/2011 - 12/2012 • Barcelona SPAIN

I worked closely with the founding team of Fashion Pills since the launch of the project. I was in charge of the design of website's pages layouts, newsletter campaigns, digital contents for the e-commerce. At the beginning of 2012 I designed the new brand identity and the graphic user interface for the new platform based on Magento.
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Freelance Digital Designer
Mind the gip
03/2006 - 12/2014

As a Freelance Digital Designer I can deliver high quality Digital Design projects meeting deadlines and working under stress. I work in the Digital Design field since 2006, I can speak the language of developers, I can design attractive and trendsetter projects. I’m able to organise my job according with my team.